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“Unlike most other countries, New Zealand does not have a law called “The Constitution.” Instead, the rules for how the country is governed are in what is often called an unwritten constitution. Most of it is in fact written down in various laws, rules, and practices – just not in a single document.”

Excerpt from New Zealand’s Constitution: The Conversation So Far, page 7.

This information booklet provides useful background information and a balance of perspectives about:

  • Our constitution
  • Electoral matters
  • Crown-Māori relationships
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Written Constitution

Click on the image below, or click here, to download a PDF version of "The Conversation So Far".

You’re welcome to tailor the information in this booklet to suit your needs. We encourage you to consider and discuss these topics with whānau, hapū, friends and colleagues.

Other Resources

In early 2013, we will launch our engagement website and provide other resources to help support informed discussion.

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